Work we've done so far.


Abbott Laboratories, in conjunction with Rogue Producer and Sapient China, hired Big Nest Creative to produce a global wellness campaign to promote Abbott’s support and sponsorship of The Great Wall of China Marathon.

We brought in 8-time Emmy award-winning Director/DP Samson Chan, who is a veteran at directing athlete profiles for NBC Sports, ESPN and the Olympics.

We profiled 4 runners and captured inspirational stories during their preparation for the marathon. The production started in Prague, Shanghai and Beijing, and followed the athletes leading up to the day of the race located on a remote stretch of the Great Wall in Tianjin, China.

For the race coverage, we assembled a production approach using drones, high speed cameras and gear sherpas to support our director and capture intense footage of a grueling race. 

In the end, we delivered 4 long-form profile films for the Abbott website, one race overview film and numerous pieces of social media content and posts featuring our videos and stills.

The hugely successful social media campaign has generated over 30,000,000 unique views on Chinese outlets alone.