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Burt's Bees

Big Nest Creative, Burt’s Bees, Baldwin& and Lea Michele teamed up to deliver the message that honeybees are severely threatened because of diminishing wildflower habitat, and that mankind’s existence will be in peril if pollinators disappear.

Creative team/directing duo Kung Fu Stevens took the lead and filled a Hollywood studio with a whimsical paper mache set full of colorful flowers. Lea Michele delivered a perfect performance to camera while dropping the letter B from her speech.

The cause marketing initiative asked social engagers to use the hashtag #BringBacktheBees in all of their Instagram and Twitter posts while eliminating the letter B from their conversations. Burt’s Bees pledged to plant 1,000 wildflowers for every social media mention, and also offered a special edition lip balm for sale to support the restoration of habitat. 

Within the first two weeks of release, the campaign generated massive media attention, and enough mentions for Burt’s Bees to pledge to plant 145,000,000 wildflowers.