Work we've done so far.


Kohl’s, as a title sponsor of the Oscars 2016, hired Big Nest Creative to develop and execute an unprecedented Periscope live event. The team included a social media war room from Kohl’s, digital advertising agency Huge, comedian Vanessa Bayer from Saturday Night Live and celebrity party planner Mindy Weiss.

During an extensive pre-production process before the Oscars, Big Nest creative team/directing duo Kung Fu Stevens huddled with Vanessa Bayer and her writers to conceive and create compelling skits for the broadcast. 

What came out of that brain trust was a goldmine of comedic interstitials to air during the breaks, in the signature style of Vanessa Bayer. KFS and Vanessa ran an extensive dress rehearsal to get it right and not unlike Saturday Night Live, let loose with a combination of scripted and improv performances for Oscar’s night.

In spite of the spontaneous nature of the medium, the broadcast was a success and our team delivered 14 comedy breaks without a hitch. 200,000 viewers tuned in from second screens, making the Kohl’s live stream one of the most watched Periscope broadcasts ever.